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To boldly go where the big guys can’t –


and to get there faster.

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“The world is changing very fast.

Big will not beat small anymore.

It will be the fast beating the slow.”

- Rupert Murdoch

Jetpack Kid

“Flaming enthusiasm,

backed up by horse sense and persistence,

is the quality that most frequently makes

makes for success.”

- Dale Carnegie

We don’t stay in our lane — and that’s a good thing for patients.

At e5 Pharma, we’re not looking for the next big thing—we’re looking for the next great thing.
Products that make all the difference in the world  to people who need them—regardless of market size.  We think that’s a pretty big deal.
With more than two decades of industry experience under our belt and a fast-growing pipeline, e5 is poised to grow.
Watch out, world.

Products and Pipeline

We never stop looking for opportunities to make things better. For us, hard-to-find is simply an invitation to bring a product to market that gives pharmacists and patients a much-needed option.

Click here to read about our latest FDA-approved generic for Proglycem®

Phenobarbital Tablets 16.2mg

Phenobarbital Tablets 32.4mg

Phenobarbital Tablets 64.8mg

Phenobarbital Tablets 97.2mg

Diazoxide Oral Suspension

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Phenobarbital Elixir

Phenobarbital Tablets Even

Phenobarbital Tablets Grain

Things We Care About

e5 Pharma is proud to be a certified veteran-owned small business.

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